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Chicago-born, Canadian blues legend Tom Lavin wears a coat of many colours when it comes to careers. University Canada West’s (UCW’s) 11th honorary degree recipient is primarily known as an accomplished musician and record producer. He founded the Powder Blues Band in 1978. 

Lavin and his now internationally famous band have gone on to sell more than one million records worldwide and have toured continuously for the last 38+ years. 

Known for its mix of swing, blues, jazz, rock & roll and r & b that gets people of all ages bopping, the band’s sound has garnered numerous international awards. 

But Lavin’s accomplishments and contributions extend beyond the world of music. He is also a high tech, venture capital consultant, CEO of several public companies and founder of a private college. 

In 1992, the multifaceted entrepreneur was appointed managing director of a film SFX software firm at George Lucas’ Lantana Complex in Santa Monica, California.  In 1994, Lavin started one of the first Internet services in Canada (Axion.net) and took it public on the Canadian Exchange (CDNX).  

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